Unlimited Developer Rights

With Unlimited Developer Rights you have no restrictions on how many surveys you can set up for clients.

Create surveys for any number of clients and sell them as a service - we host them under our 'cloaked domain', and you keep all the profit.

Client Accounts - “Business in a box”

Create surveys and create a sub-account for your client to log in and manage their own surveys….you can even add your own logo.

This is like a full SaaS you run on our server and keep all the profit. Even one sale will cover the cost of your purchase many times over.

Custom client branding

If you sell surveys as a service, you get to use our ‘vanilla’ domain so people don’t know you are using Soci Surveys so they could buy it themselves.

You can add your own logo and brand and they are none the wiser, making sure your business integrity is secure.

Physical, Paper Survey System

Perfect for offline clients with walk in customer traffic. You can keep your online and physical surveys in synch with 1 click production of a PDF of your entire survey.

Pop-up Surveys in modal windows

Want to get maximum attention? Use our embed code to make a survey popup when a page loads, when a user tries to leave, when they click a link, after a certain amount of time….and more.

These can fade in, bounce in, slide in...endless animation options to ensure your survey gets their attention.

Widget based surveys

You know those chat widgets you see for customer support in a little tab?

Well you can add your Social Survey like this so it doesn’t intrude on your page, gets a lot of clicks and seamlessly comes into view for the user to add their answers.

8 more question types

Get maximum actionable data from your survey respondents using these extra question types:

    • Single text box
    • Multiple text box
    • Opinion scale
    • Statement
    • Number scale- to get numerical values
    • Ratings scale
    • Vote up/down
    • Calendar- to collect dates


Unlimited Surveys

Use our powerful logic system to direct people through a funnel of questions to only see relevant follow on questions, and eventually end up in a specific email list so you know exactly what they are interested in.

A huge number of extra templates

We have a 40 more beautiful templates with more being added all the time - including specific offline niche templates.

With these, you’ll never run out of ideas, and you don’t need to be a designer to use them.

Unlimited Fan Pages: no restrictions

Fan Pages are still a huge source of traffic and with Fb Ads allowing you to send clicks right to the Page tab, you can make the most of this low cost source of traffic.

Timed Surveys

You can add a timer so people only have a set amount of time to complete a survey, and also set up a start date and end date to make it only run for a certain amount of time.

This ensures you can run surveys as time specific contests and competitions

Geolocation restrictions

Don’t want traffic from a certain country to be able to complete the survey? No problem….you can use our geolocation system so that only the people in the countries you choose can complete it.

Not only do you get all these amazing extra features in your Soci Surveys account….the full client system means you can add your own logo and sell self managed survey campaigns to your clients.

Even one of these can cover the cost of Soci Surveys many times over.

With 40 more stunning survey template designs, you can be sure that no 2 surveys ever look the same. This opens up even more possibilities for your clients, and also ensures you have unique and highly engaging surveys every time.

Turn Soci Surveys Into Your Very Own
Turnkey Monthly Recurring Subscription Business

Soci Surveys can be the engine that drives your entire offline business. Use it to create surveys to win over clients then sell them on your other services such as consultancy or web development.

To create a recurring cashflow, simply charge your clients a monthly fee to use our app and if they cancel or don’t pay, you can disable their account or downgrade it - we do the hard work, you get full control….and all the profit.

To develop an app like Soci Surveys would cost $1000’s and easily take 6 months+ to build.

With Soci Surveys Pro, you skip that time and financial overhead and for a WAY TOO LOW fee you get your very own SaaS that you can bank with over and over again, and we never take a cut of your profit.

Soci Surveys Pro has groundbreaking extra features that will take everything you do with our app to the next level….plus turn it into a complete business system you can sell to your clients to maximize your profit. Even 1 single sale will cover your cost many times over.

Why are we Offering This For such a low price? To Be Honest It's This: JayKay likes to reward people who take action and by accepting our offer now before we charge a HIGHER monthly fee for this app, you are showing trust in us and we are confident our app will do great things for you.

Truthfully, we should be asking, much more, because we're giving you the ability to really engage with an audience, find out what they want and then have the means to give it to them, with zero ‘noise’ and laser focus... all from your app dashboard and for a WAY TOO LOW fee.

That's a pretty good deal if you ask me...

YES JayKay - I'm In!

I understand that I will be getting my own license of Soci Surveys for just a tiny fee!

I also understand that I will get thorough and kind support from you and your staff should I run into any technical problems... even though this app is SUPER easy to work with.

I also realize I have nothing to lose, since you're generous enough to offer me a 30-day money-back guarantee*


24 hours from today, you can be nothing more than 24 hours older or you can be on your way to sniper style targeted marketing and ‘on the money’ emails to your happy customers and prospects. You decide!

Save time, save money, and save the headaches of trying to do it all yourself! Invest in Soci Surveys today and enjoy your instant shortcut to powerful FB and mobile surveys...

To order Soci Surveys and receive access in just 3 minutes from now (even if it's 2 a.m. in the morning) place your order now...

P.S. If you are NOT planning to invest in Soci Surveys, then please ask yourself this question -- "How will I be able to know more about my customers and leads other than just an email address?" If you can't answer that, you must order now!


P.P.S. How much more time and money will you waste trying to guess what people think or emailing people who aren’t interested in what you have to say?